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C3i Wedge Review: The Best wedge of 2019?

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The golf wedge that we’re desperately waiting for is finally here to dominate the wedges market.

With the all-new C3i wedge, there is a new way to not only get out of the bunker but get closer to the pin every time. A true next-generation wedge, C3i Wedge boasts a unique design that is built to get you out of every bunker and onto every green… every time!

The C3i wedge is engineered specifically to make shots from in and around the green easier for any golfer who struggles with the short game; the C3i Wedge can help every golfer lower their score & become more consistent with their short game

The C3i golf wedge comes with an extra curve and a beveled leading edge that diminishes interaction with the ground for a cleaner contact than traditional wedges; It has a hosel and heel shaped in a way that eliminates catching and snagging in a rough and to minimize material collection in the pocket.

Performance –

Prelude: I am a 16 Handicapper, and the C3i Wedge helped me lower my score by 7 Strokes in just a single round.

But even if you are a beginner, this club makes shots around the green very easy.

The C3i Wedge is designed to make chipping and pitching easier for players, and it all starts with the Auto-Glide Extreme Sole. In comparison to more traditional wedges, which have thinner soles that are more likely to get stuck in the ground on heavy shots, the hybrid-like sole of the c3i Wedge limits the possibility for it to dig into the turf. The result is better contacted more consistently, greatly reducing the chances of hitting your pitch shots from around the green fat.

There is something that makes the C3i Wedge a must have a product for all the golfers. The club has an extra-wide lob wedge that supports the user to hit the ball accurately. With its brilliant design, it is easy to contact the ball on any surface consistently.

Holding the C3i is quite easier as compared to other wedges because of an excellent gripped material. It’s easy to use, and bunker shots come out consistently.

The club also did very well out of the rough; the ball gets up in the air very nicely without too much effort. There’s a nice margin of error. If you’re struggling with bunker shots and many other lies around the green, then this one is a most probable club that can provide you some relief.

Features –

  • 65 Degree Loft
  • AutoGlide Xtreme Sole
  • Optimized Center of Gravity
  • Classic Shape & Polymer Insert
  • Glare-Reducing Finish & Alignment Guide

Verdict –

Overall, the C3i is a great and super impressive wedge. The club delivers on its ability to get the ball up quickly out of various lies without perfect technique. It designs assist the golfer in aiming and setting up the target accurately and is specially made to provide a less complicated swing.

The C3i wedge delivers consistent results for golfers of all skill levels; This wedge is something that can full fill all your needs. So, without any second thought, just place this wedge in your cart of golf equipment for revolutionizes your sand play and the entire short game.

Top 3 Wedges of 2019

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Wedges are personal bits of kit just like putters. If you have the right set of golf wedges in your bag, with the precise shaft length and flex, all custom-fitted to you, you do not require much effort then to master these shots. By just following the basic rules, the average golfer can compete with the pros and lessen their numbers. Best in the field clubs are the need of the game because getting wedges that fit you is important to make your golf swing better. So, here we have put together this guide on the Top 3 Wedges of 2019 you can easily buy at Golfoy.

1. Titleist SM7 Vokey Wedge

Titleist is well known as a golf equipment manufacturer that always sets out the most advanced technology along with the best quality.

Titleist’s Vokey wedges are among the most popular of any on the market, and the leading manufacturer’s precise wedge Vokey SM7 is currently ruling in the wedge market.

Titleist is trying to take things to an even bigger level with the SM7 as they moreover develop the wedge to seek out even more performance gains when it comes to small gameplay.

The design of the SM7 wedges has aimed to fulfill the promise of a master craftsman Bob Vokey, whose name is invoked into the Titleist product. The wedges are available in three finishes—Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black.

Who is using it on the tour?

Justin Thomas, Ian Poulter, Patrick Cantlay

Performance –

Titleist SM7 performance such as an optimum distance control, a further distance, versatility, also more spinning. Through improved progressive CG, optimized spin milled grooves, and the game’s benchmark for Tour validated grinds, So it’s not surprising that the Titleist Vokey SM7 wedge became the most extensively used wedge on the PGA Tour.

The SM7 wedges also offer maximized spin, control, and consistency for more confidence on every shot. That’s all put the highest level of wedge performance in your hands.

Features –

  • Precise Distance Gapping
  • Maximum Spin
  • Ultimate Versatility
  • Spilled Milled Technology

Verdict –

The Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges are surely the game-changer club. As you might expect, there is a lot of technological advancement that has gone into developing the impressive wedges in the Vokey range. The SM7 feels like a true premium option of a wedge to add to your bag. It is no surprise that the SM7 are the go-to option for numerous PGA Tour stars. 

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2. TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 chrome Wedge

The Milled Grind is the most precise, best balanced, and best feeling wedge offered by TaylorMade.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 is a nice quality wedge, which creates a good feel and oodles of spin. Including lots of lofts and bounce options and a couple of finishes. The wedge also ensures greater accuracy in its sole grinds by eliminating hand-finishing from the process.

Who is using it on the tour?

Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson Jason Day

Performance –

The Wedge comes with three uniquely milled sole grinds which maximize performance for all sorts of swings and turf conditions.  

Features –

  • Optimal turf interaction
  • 8620 Carbon Steel Construction for a better response
  • Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Wedge 
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grey 

Verdict –

The TaylorMade Milled Grind wedge has something unique and somewhat altered from numerous other wedges on the market. 

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3. Cleveland RTX-4 Wedge

The Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge is the best offering from one of the most popular wedge manufacturers in the world. Cleveland Wedges are trusted by many of the PGA Tour’s biggest stars, including Keegan Bradley and Hideki Matsuyama.

The Cleveland RTX 4 wedges are also incredibly versatile. The company has developed four new sole grinds, including an all-new XLOW grind, which gives you more options than ever before when choosing which wedge set up will be right for you.

The Club features the fourth-generation of their Rotex groove technology and specially made from low- and Tour-caliber handicaps to design the perfect wedge for the best of the best.

Who is using it on the tour?

Hideki Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley

Performance –

Generating maximum spin is usually the most decisive part of any wedge, and the Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge has gradually developed a remarkably durable wedge that produces maximum friction and spin rates on short and full shots. The Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge has sharp, deep grooves and accurate milling on the face, and with this, your shots will spin further with less effort. 

Also, the Progressive shaping of the Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge helps your lower lofted wedges integrate smoothly with your irons, making them more playable from the fairway.

The Club features four different sole and shape options, which help golfers to execute just about any shot faced on the course with precision.

Features –

  • Fourth generation design 
  • Accurate and consistent shots
  • Progressive Shaping

Verdict –

The overall purpose of this club is to increase spin on rough, shorter shots opposed to the fairway, which is something the RTX-4 did very well in doing. The Cleveland RTX 4 is the most tour-authentic wedge, Cleveland has ever produced and boasts some serious short game tech.

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Best Soft Golf Balls of 2019

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Did you ever think that choosing the right type of golf balls could work wonders for your golfing skills? Yes! It is.

Choosing a golf ball is a very personal choice. You may want to hit the ball for a long distance with little effort on your tee. There are several factors you have in mind when you plan to buy a good golf ball, such as performance, feel and price. So, according to your requirements, we have put together this guide on the best Golf balls of 2019 you can easily buy at Golfoy.

1. Titleist AVX

The Titleist AVX golf ball is a three-piece ball featuring a bizarre GRN 41 Urethane cover, which was made by Titleist and manufactured inside their plant only. 

The AVX’s lower spin is down to the invention of a new high flex casing layer that improves speed and lessens spin. It is coupled with high speed, low compression core technology to again deliver more speed, less spin, and the softest feel of Titleist’s premium offerings. 

The balls come with a new aerodynamic design, which Titleist say delivers a piercing, low trajectory while giving a steady ball flight on each shot.

Features –

· The Softest feel of any Titleist golf balls

· Extremely durable cover

· Available in white or optic yellow

Verdict –

As displayed, the Titleist AVX golf ball is a tour-inspired ball with a focus on range and smooth feel. It’s the softest ball Titleist has ever made, and if you’re looking for an added distance or a little help keeping your spin rate or trajectory down, give the AVX a try to get the distance or flight you’ve been searching for from a premium ball.

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2. TaylorMade TP5X

TaylorMade’s TP5x offers a unique combination of added distance and increased ball height. TaylorMade has made some impressive product and in the TP5x, they have a true game-changer in the armory and one to which several tours stars have now turned to.

Also, the TP5x generates less flight spin to help in the maximizing distance. The dual-spin cover with a softer outer layer and a firmer inner layer makes this possible. So, the TP5x’s output is merely superb in windy conditions, regardless of the height of the flight.

Features –

  • 5 Layer Golf Ball Construction – Unique 3 Layer Core + Dual Layer Cover
  • Longer distance
  • Softer Feel
  • Mid Trajectory for TP5 Balls
  • High Trajectory for TP5X Balls

Verdict –

The TP5x is an exciting product, amazingly long-lasting and providing both distance and control. The ball’s design produces a higher speed and a higher launch angle. Also, the trajectory is somewhat distinct from the products of other competitors; the TP5x enjoying an exceptionally steep landing angle that helps to halt the ball faster. The TP5x delivers in every aspect of the game from the tee box to the green.

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3. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball 

Some of the most popular golf balls available are Titleist Pro V1. They are designed for all golfers and provide excellent flight distance and consistency. It is created for fast swing golfers. The ball is made to flawlessly balance the short game control without sacrificing good yardage from the tee.

Features –

· #1 Ball on Worldwide Tours

· Very soft feel

· Extraordinary distance with consistent flight

· Low long game spin and a penetrating trajectory

· Drop-and-Stop short game control

Verdict –

Titleist Pro V1 is undoubtedly the No 1 ball used by professionals on golf tours, but that it’s a great ball for all aspiring golfers.

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4. Callaway 2019 Supersoft Magna Golf Balls

Callaway aimed to create a ball simpler to hit and enjoyable to play for high-handicap and slower-swinging golfers. And with this Magna Golf Balls, they’ve achieved what they thought.

Supersoft has a smooth core — effectively zero on the compression scale of PGA. It is so resilient that it allows us to put a soft cover on it and get nice ball speeds. The softcover is also good for feel and control around the green.

The size of the ball is big, so it provides a higher center of gravity; Also, it’s easier to launch shots. And because it’s larger, Callaway says that when you look down on it, you’ll hit it closer to the face and have more trust.

Features –

  • Designed for players who struggle with making consistent, solid contact and want more distance
  • Larger size creates a higher Center of Gravity, promoting higher launch and more stable flight
  • Callaway’s lowest compression golf ball features a softer cover and enhanced aerodynamics
  • Low-drag HEX Aerodynamics, lower spin rates to minimize drag and enhance a lift for added distance
  • Soft Trionomer cover formulation generates enhanced shot-stopping spin and better feel
  • Oversized golf ball features same characteristics of Supersoft, now with an easier-to-hit construction

Verdict – 

The Supersoft is a low-compression two-piece ball. This is an excellent blend for precision, but it gives some distance in the process, particularly for players with greater swing speeds.  It’s a two-piece, low compression design indicates faster swing speeds It feels very soft plus 2-piece construction maximizes distance while enhancing feel and control given the accuracy off the tee, it provides.

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5. TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls

TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls provide enhanced distance with a remarkably soft feel. The RBZ is relatively smooth, though far from a “tour” category ball’s marshmallow-like texture, or even some in the “premium” range.

Features – 

· Softest ever RBZ

· Longer Distances

· Improved Greenside Feel

· Colours: White or Yellow

   Verdict –

If you struggle with distance and/or accuracy with the driver, then this ball is worth a try. The new RBZ Soft offers great value for money and perfect for those, who are looking for an extra distance but does not want to sacrifice feel around the green.

Click here to buy now.

6. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

The Soft Feel is a two-piece golf ball with a 60 compression score. By this, the golfers with mild swing speeds will find it simpler to get better output off the tee and with their iron from this ball.

The Soft Feel remains to show that Srixon has properly named this ball. The sound hits that center range off the putter face, which prevents it from having an excessively noisy click on effect.

Features –

· Newly developed, highly resilient large super soft energetic gradient growth core.

· Penetrating higher trajectory for greater carry and distance

Verdict –

The Srixon Soft feel is one of the most popular models for average players; The ball suits a wide spectrum of players looking for performance and soft feel of the club face throughout the bag.

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REVIEW: Titleist 718 Irons

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The new range of Titleist 718 irons, featuring the strong distance and ultra-forgiveness of AP1, the pros favorite and tour-proven consistency of AP2, and introducing AP3. Titleist has previous, familiar designs, unveiled a brand new line and upgraded irons that were already rated among the best in the world. Given the enormous success that Titleist has had in the iron section, the brand new AP3 has pulled many golfers. So, let’s look at what these irons bring to the game. 

Titleist 718 AP1

The Titleist AP1 irons are for the golfer’s who needs both great distance plus ultra-forgiveness. The irons feature a thin, fast, and unsupported face to generate more ball speed as well as undercut cavity mid and small irons. Also, the hollow-body long irons maximize the carry distance for all shot and deliver steadier gaping throughout the set.

Who is using it on the Tour?

Performance –

The AP1 is the most forgiving iron in the Titleist’s list of irons. Despite the strong irons launch the ball high enough to create lots of distance. The most remarkable change is a move to regular design. The iron features a hollow-body construction that pushes the CG down and back towards a higher launch.

Features –

  • Hollow-body long irons and undercut cavity mid/short irons give the best launch and forgiveness
  • Thin, unsupported face provides maximum ball speed across the face
  • High-density tungsten weight to decrease CG for high start and MOI
  •   Leading-edge design advances turf interaction

img src – Golfalot

Verdict –

The AP1 is quite famous among mid and higher handicap players. I’m very impressed with the 718 AP1. This iron has the “Titleist look” that the brand’s fans love, but the performance is up there with the better GI and distance irons. 

AP1 is a powerful all-around performer. And if you’re looking for more distance and forgiveness, then this one is worth a swing.

Click here to buy now.

Titleist 718 AP2

The AP2 franchise has been a great success for the last several years. In the recent times, the AP2 has emerged as the No. 1 iron on the PGA Tour. Also, it has earned a cult following among recreational golfers with handicaps, varying from pros to the mid-teens.

The Titleist AP2 maintains its tour-preferred legacy and its trademark feel, while a change to the leading edge provides added efficient turf interaction.

Who is using it on the Tour?

Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantlay, Ian Poulter

Performance –

The AP2 has a thinner forged body with a steel face. This gives you a bit of extra distance, while an improved CG progression – mainly in the long irons, offers better mis-hits outputs. Iron’s Forgiveness and stability were delivered by precise perimeter weighting and a unique Co-forged structure pioneered by Titleist R&D.

Features –

· Forged Body and Face

· Better Speed and MOI

· Improved Turf Interaction

· Tour-Proven Performance 

· Cavity back design provides ultimate playability.

img src – Golfalot

Verdict –

AP2 irons have always been a very versatile offering from Titleist and clubs that fits a wider array of players than some other company’s irons. It feels smooth and stable through impact and offers a consistency of distance control that rewards those who strikes the ball well. The 718 AP2 also creates more distance than the other Tour or players irons in the Titleist slate. Add it all up, and this iron is likely to wind up, not only in a lot of bags but in the bags of golfers with very different playing profiles. This iron makes you feel like a pro.

Click here to buy now.

Titleist 718 AP3

The AP3 is Titleist’s longest and fastest iron. With this Iron, you get the off-center performance of a game improvement iron packed into a club that delivers the feel of a player’s iron. A hollow back construction connected with L-Face inserts propels the ball long and high with shot-stopping spin, also on long strokes.

Titleist AP3 irons produce the extra distance with the feel and consistency that mid to low handicappers require. High ball speed and launch through the hollow blade construction and L-Face inserts generate a shot-stopping spin on longer shots.

Who is using it on the Tour?

Performance –

Titleist didn’t stop with simply jacking the lofts; they also added several technological goodies from the AP1 and AP2, and C16 irons. The AP2 718 features a greater MOI and quicker ball speeds with its tour-proven head form and efficiency, which will offer you a more forgiving ball flight on mis-hits.

Features –

· Hollow-body paired with a thin and unsupported L-Face

· Long and fast

· Higher MOI

Verdict –

Titleist AP3 Irons represent the best of the Titleist technologies. This iron is the longest and quickest iron ever. AP3 iron delivers all the distance and forgiveness you demand to play your best. The club has a more conventional look than the AP1, but the mid-sized head would be a confidence-builder for any single-figure golfer. The AP3 is continuing to make an awful lot of players thrilled.

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Top four drivers used on the PGA Tour

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The driver is one of the most essential club in a golf bag and for any golfer, it is very important to own a proper driver. You can’t enjoy the game if you don’t have a good driver. Best in the game only uses a driver that allows them to play freely & deliver the best flight+distance. Also, major golf equipment manufacturers keep on improving their product line. So, it’s ever too tough to select the right driver for you. Somehow, we all follow the pro’s and have a curiosity to find out which clubs they use. So today we talk about the Top 4 Drivers that are being used by golf professionals on the tour.

1. TaylorMade M5 Driver

Who is using it on tour?

* Tiger Woods *Brooks Koepka *Jon Rahm *Rory Mcllroy

TaylorMade always had an approach to think beyond as they did with the latest M Series. The TaylorMade M5 Driver is the go-to driver for many top Pro’s like Tiger Woods & Brooks Koepka. Boasting an impressive design with speed injected twist face along with weight adjust-ability makes it the most result-oriented golf driver of 2019.


 – Speed Injected Twist Face

– Hammerhead 2.0

– Inverse T-Track

– Adjustability

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2. Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Who is using it on tour?

*Anirban Lahiri *Henrik Stenson

Callaway continues to repeat its successful journey of drivers with epic flash driver. In recent years, their epic and rogue models were highly appreciated and successful and now in 2019, the epic flash series is breaking boundaries. Callaway exactly knows what the golfers need. “The more speed and distance” and that’s what they are offering in epic flash.


– Flash Face Technology

– Great MOI and Forgiveness

– Artificial Intelligence

– Jailbreak Technology

– Adjustable Weights and Slider

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3. Cobra King F9 Driver

Who is using it on tour?

*Rickie Fowler * Bryson Dechambeau

The Cobra King F9 is a high-grade driver and an extremely firm performer flaunting itself as a low spin or forgiving driver, courtesy of its movable weight technology. It includes an enabled grip powered by Arccos, which permits you to track your driver stats at any time. The Cobra King F9 is packed with the best features that every golfer desires. It also has a precise optimization of aerodynamics and a small CG that makes it the fastest Cobra driver.


– Improving clubhead speed, ball speed, and forgiveness

– The arccos driver app allows tracking your data (Cobra connect)

– Adjustable Loft

– Speedback Aerodesign

– CNC Milled Face

– Value for Money

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4.Titleist TS3 Driver

Who is using it on tour?

*Jordan Spieth *Justin Thomas

Titleist TS3 is a speedmaster with extra forgiveness benefits. The equipment is designed for delivering added speed and dynamic forgiveness. This Titleist driver is perfect for the golfers who need workability and added specific tuning in a driver.

TS3 is one of the best drivers currently being used on the tour, and it surely deserves a place in your cart of golf equipment.


– Adjustable CG

– Usual shape for customized performance

– Speed Chassis Technology

– Extremely-thin titanium crown 

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FIRST LOOK REVIEW: FootJoy Pro/SL Golf Shoes

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FootJoy is well known for its innovation in footwear designs & comfort. Years of experience, latest technology and the vision to give the best comfort & style is the reason for success of FootJoy.

reviewcomparetongueThe DryJoys, one of the casual shoe from FootJoy was equipped with spikeless versatility with amazing golfing performance. The shoe received more appreciation from Tour players & amateurs than the expectations of FootJoy.

The most important thing is, FootJoy has worked really hard to improve the stability of Pro/SL to support the ankle & rear of the foot.

This stability comes from the innovations in leather material in upper and the X Shaped leather straps beside ankles on each side of the shoe.

The tongue area of Pro SL is a wider U shape than its predecessors but they are as comfortable as DryJoys when the broad laces are tied up.

There is one unique set of laces with the shoes and are designed to match with the base colors of all the four styles.

FootJoy has used  laser plus last in Pro SL Model and it has a little more contouring in the sole than their standard Laser last.reviewsoleswing

Fortjoy’s technical team has worked hard to add the feature of removable insole & the insoles are very comfortable in terms of cushioning.

reviewrainThe shoes come with one year waterproof guarantee. To achieve water proofing in these shoes FootJoy has used Pittards’ Chrome skin leather in Pro SL. These shoes will keep your feet dry & comfortable.

FootJoy team aimed at comfort and stability while designing the shoes. To achieve this FootJoy has added Dual Durometer design in the sole.

FTF form is used in the shoes which is 10% lighter than the traditional EVA form and the comfort is provided by the upper blue version. FTF also adds stability to the shoes.

To provide lateral support to the shoe, the white layer is designed into a shape that slightly extends beyond the edges. The colored TPU traction unit contains mini spikes that makes Pro SL different from other spikeless shoes.reviewsolestance

The other thing which makes it different from other models is, that it provides amazing comfort and can be used on all the surfaces, especially the firm courses whereas other spikeless shoes are not that comfortable in grass as much. It maintains the grip on the ground but doesn’t create mess because of damped grass.

At last, I want to tell you that if you are looking for a shoe with amazing comfort, style, stability, comfortable on firm courses, water proofing and the trust of FootJoy, then FootJoy Pro SL is an amazing option for you.

When you will try it you will automatically feel all the above mentioned features. You will feel the spikeless comfort, grip & versatility.

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FIRST LOOK REVIEW: 2018 Titleist AVX Golf Balls

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The Golf Balls manufacturers are really working hard in getting the balls softer & softer in their updated models. Such an advancement has been introduced AVX Golf Balls by Titleist.

Titleist, after having done a lot of research in the market through its distributors, through customer interviews and feedbacks collected directly from the users, has worked on a new design to deliver a greater distance by reducing the ball’s spin & released Titleist AVX Ball.

AVX name was given by the internal product development team which eventually became the name of the upcoming product & is an abbreviation of ‘Alernative to Pro V1 or Pro V1x’.

Titliest’s Research & Development team has launched the product with an edge shift in design & technology by improving the formulation with the same ingredients. The ball is still a three piece ball & using the similar urethane cover to Pro V1 called GRN41.

The shift in dimple design with 352 dimples uses a caternary design instead of the traditional spherical one as in the previous models. In simple language, its latest design results in a lower flight because of its sharper sides and flatter center section.

Titleist has also taken care of the visibility of this premium ball by launching it in Yellow colour.

AVX also has a characteristic of low spin due to its design, thus achieving more distance. In general, less spin is good for distance but bad for control on landing.

Titleist also claim that in their upgraded model AVX, the urethane cover enhances the experience of short game with a tour performance to give golfer the control which otherwise might be lost with a ball having low spin.

To test all these characterstics, we tested them on the range with Trackman to see the differences between the AVX and Pro V1 and also whether the AVX will suit the game.

We started off with wedge test where we hit all the three balls with a 50 yard target. All the three balls, the pro v1, pro v1x & the avx were almost identical for spin & carry. There was a difference of 200rpm, but that is not even noticeable for tour players.

The differences become more noticeable with 7-Iron. According to the trackman numbers, the AVX spun 1300 rpm less than a Pro V1 and 1700 rpm less than a Pro V1x which are significant numbers.

As a result the AVX was 7-12 Yards distant with a lower ball speed, which may be was due to variations in strike, so if the ball speed was the same, then it could cover more distance.

The lower landing angle is reduced to 3° because of low spin which won’t let the ball stop quickly unless it is already hit higher than the average.

Now, let’s talk about the performance with the driver. With Driver, AVX resulted in 250-300 rpm less with lower flight which enhanced the distance.

These were the results we got for our team with our equipment, that may not be applicable for everyone.

The review is written to clarify the difference between AVX and Pro V1 as both have a similar price and, as the name suggests it is an alternative for those who hit the ball high & produce too much spin.

Thus, added advancements in AVX has made it better than its predecessors. The balls are equipped with experience of Pro V1 & Pro V1x with piercing low ball flight. These all are my views regarding the AVX, what do you think about them, let us know in comments!

You can buy Titleist AVX Golf Balls Online in India