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Why compression clothing for golfers ?

Compression clothes have recently become “Must-Haves” in every golfers wardrobe. Whether it be compression arm sleeves or mock compression t […]

Mizuno - Story of the Runbird

Mizuno Golf – History of the Runbird

In India’s golf industry, the unmistakable Chev logo of Callaway, FJ of FootJoy  have been omnipresent for quite a long […]


Highest Paid Caddies on Professional Circuit

  Caddies are equally important in the game of golf. They may not be able to take part as a player, […]

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Jack Nicklaus – Greatest Golfer Ever

Anyone who has anything to do with golf or follows golf has heard of Jack Nicklaus. He is a player, […]


5 Indian Female Golfers to look out for in 2016

B.R. Ambedkar said, “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” So, […]

Super stroke has various models available according to your hand size. (Image Source - Reddit)

Why are Super Stroke Putter Grips so good?

SuperStroke putter grips are some of the most popular putter grips on the course. Shining in bright colors, they continue […]


4 Reasons why spike-less shoes are better.

For a long time it was believed by golfers worldwide that spiked or cleated golf shoes were better. But all […]


Golf in India: When and Where It Started?

Today India houses approximately 2.5 lakh golfers and 196 registered golf courses but it is quite interesting how it all […]

This is the cypress point golf course California- The ultimate bad boy out of all the golf courses

5 Most Difficult Golf Courses in India

As they say, “Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes it meaningful.” There are some courses […]


Top Destinations for Combining Golf and Family Vacations

As the summer vacations approach, the million-dollar question pops up again. Where to? In a family which has golfers as […]